Staged Master Bedrooms

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The master bedroom should feel spacious and bright. As homey and warm as your bedroom may be, it’s personalized with a lived-in look, a visual that won’t help sell your home. When prospective buyers walk into a master bedroom, they are attracted to rooms that feel spacious, calm, neat and elegant. Staging the bedroom is all about creating these feelings. Light, color and decoration in the master bedroom can go a long way toward selling a house, so we take the time to stage the room properly before it’s placed on the market.

  • The room should be painted a calm or neutral color if it currently has a more vibrant color scheme. Beiges, grays, blues and soft greens are relaxing choices for a bedroom. Use paint with an eggshell finish to help the room pick up more natural light.
  • We provide all furniture for the room including the bed, bedside tables, dresser, table, and chair. If the room doesn’t have a full-length mirror, we add one in. If you have a particularly large master bedroom with space for a sitting area, we place one or two chairs in it making sure there is plenty of walking space for people entering the room and easy access to the windows.
  • All clutter should be cleared from the room. There should be nothing on the floor other than furniture and nothing on any of the furniture surfaces. This includes removing the television, family photographs, stuffed animals and other personal items.
  • We dress the bed in sheets, duvets and pillows that coordinate with the wall color, cover the box spring with a bed skirt. The bed is the focal point of the room, so we are not afraid to dress it up. Using bedding from Pottery Barn, Cate & Barrel Macy’s Hotel Collection, Calvin Klein Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie and other reputable brand names sets your bedroom apart from lower end bedding.
  • Window dressings that match the style and color of the room are an option. We generally leave all windows open to all natural light. If there are blinds and basic sheer curtain panels, we open the blinds and pull back the sheers when viewers are coming.
  • We place lamps on the bedside tables and in any reading area. The lamps don’t have to match, but they should look like they’re from the same era and part of the world.
  • We hang one or two art pieces on the walls depending on room size. We place artificial potted plants throughout the room, i.e., flowers on the dresser, bamboo on the night stand… or a tree in a corner. We place colorful throw pillows on the bed to add some visual interest to the color scheme.
  • If the room isn’t vacant, we ask that you vacate it. Do this by cleaning the room thoroughly making sure it is free of dust and dirt; cleaning the windows making certain they are spotless; and making sure all the lights work. This ensures that the master bedroom makes the best impression possible.

A Well Staged HomeWill Help You...

  • Sells Faster: On average, a higher percentage of staged homes sell in one month or less
  • Make More Money: Staged homes sell for 17% higher than non-staged and 84% faster
  • Put Your Best Face Forward: According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of buyers begin their search on the Internet.

They look better online & on marketing materials

  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...create an “atmosphere” where none exists

Attract More Buyers

A staged home creates a “buzz” in the real estate community. Real estate agents will show a staged home more often to prospective buyers – because it shows well. Buyers ask for and want to see staged properties because they are in ‘move in’ condition.

Use Space Effectively

  • ...can cozy up a huge room
  • …open up a small one and
  • ...unifies a space by delivering the missing ingredient in a room that’s 'not working'