How it works:

We will learn about your budget and time-frame

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We will visit your home, discuss your budget and time-frame and conduct a complete tour of your home, taking measurements, photos and notes. We will look over the property concentrating on such issues as condition, presence of clutter, cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light and use of color and space. At the end of the visit, we will provide you a checklist of detailed recommendations and a prioritized action plan that will make your home Open House ready. We can give you advice on what to remove, where to shop, and suggest color choices so you can begin to make changes immediately. At this point you may request a cost estimate for us to do the actual staging process. If you prefer to do all the work by yourself and don't know where to start, this is your best option. f you prefer us to do the actual staging work, we can give your home all the attention and expertise that it deserves to get it ready to show in the best light. This usually can be accomplished within a matter of days.

How it works: We will learn about your budget and time-frame. A home staging professional will visit your home, conducting a complete walk-thru of your home, taking notes, measurements, and "before" photos. We will concentrate on such issues as condition, presence of clutter (de-cluttering), cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light and use of color and space. Next, we will prepare a cost estimate for your approval, describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental, if needed.

Depending on your budget, you may be asked to make your home ready for staging by making minor repairs, painting, removing and packing certain items, or storing un-needed pieces of furniture, although we can arrange for these services. Upon completion of our staging, we will also provide you with a set of pictures of your newly staged home for use in Internet marketing and brochures. Each property is individually accessed on a case by case basis. Do-it-yourself services have a starting rate ranging from $500 for a 2-4 hour consultation and varies depending on the project.

Staging Consultations - $1500
Design Consultations - $1000 | Hourly Rate - $90
Staging - Case by case basis

At Kellen Kole Design, Staging is Our Passion


A Well Staged HomeWill Help You...

  • Sells Faster: On average, a higher percentage of staged homes sell in one month or less
  • Make More Money: Staged homes sell for 17% higher than non-staged and 84% faster
  • Put Your Best Face Forward: According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of buyers begin their search on the Internet.

They look better online & on marketing materials

  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...create an “atmosphere” where none exists

Attract More Buyers

A staged home creates a “buzz” in the real estate community. Real estate agents will show a staged home more often to prospective buyers – because it shows well. Buyers ask for and want to see staged properties because they are in ‘move in’ condition.

Use Space Effectively

  • ...can cozy up a huge room
  • …open up a small one and
  • ...unifies a space by delivering the missing ingredient in a room that’s 'not working'