Staged Kitchen

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We use smaller tables to make eat-in kitchen spaces appear larger. If the dining area is spacious, we set the table for an intimate breakfast for two. We arrange knickknacks in odd groupings such as 3, 5 or 7. Depending on paint color, we use color sparingly in a dramatic kitchen and complement existing color schemes. Plants are strategically arranged to liven up the space; kitchen wall art as well. Rugs and artwork are creatively positioned to add depth and dimension. Cook books, wooden utensils, tea pots, and various bottled herbs are used as needed to liven the space. We may place large bowls of polished fruit on the counter, next to gourmet olive oil or a full bottle of red wine.The buyer who purchased this home never noticed the missing "triangle" in the kitchen. The home sells much faster.

A Well Staged HomeWill Help You...

  • Sells Faster: On average, a higher percentage of staged homes sell in one month or less
  • Make More Money: Staged homes sell for 17% higher than non-staged and 84% faster
  • Put Your Best Face Forward: According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of buyers begin their search on the Internet.

They look better online & on marketing materials

  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...brings luminosity to a dreary space
  • ...create an “atmosphere” where none exists

Attract More Buyers

A staged home creates a “buzz” in the real estate community. Real estate agents will show a staged home more often to prospective buyers – because it shows well. Buyers ask for and want to see staged properties because they are in ‘move in’ condition.

Use Space Effectively

  • ...can cozy up a huge room
  • …open up a small one and
  • ...unifies a space by delivering the missing ingredient in a room that’s 'not working'